Williamsburg (Massachusetts) High School Yearbooks

Williamsburg's high school program, established in the 1850s, was originally housed on the second floor of the Williamsburg Center School. It was originally built to consolidate some of the outlying district schools. It was purchased in 1925 by the Grange, and extensively remodeled in the 1950s to make today's Grange Hall. Williamsburg benefactor, Helen E. James, made it possible to build a new high school in the village of Williamsburg. On September 4, 1914, the building was dedicated as the Helen E. James School. In its day it was known as "The Gem of the Small High Schools of Massachusetts." The first graduating class (1914) in the new school had 5 members; the last graduating class (1971) had 61 graduates. The Unquomonk, 1916, was produced for one year only. The yearbook, The Tattler, started in 1923 and continued until the high school closed in 1971. Forty-eight volumes were produced. The Williamsburg Historical Society generously lent copies of The Tattler not held by the Meekins Library for digitization. Ralmon Jon Black prepared the indices.
Index One: Listed by student name in alphabetical order
Index Two: Listed by student name by class year

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