Daniel Tiger for Parents

Younger. Parents/Caregivers. Songs, Music.

Daniel Tiger for Parents is a free app library of songs and videos from the PBS KIDS series Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. The content is simple, educational, and entertaining and includes songs on social-emotional topics and skills such as feelings, self-control, and responsibility. Also included are video clips, conversation starters, and tips for parents that model and help with how to use these songs with their children in everyday life. Available in English and Spanish. 

Teach Monster: Number Skills.

Younger. Number Skills

Teach Monster: Number Skills is a free app designed for children to practice number recognition, counting, and simple addition through various games. The focus is up to number 5. Participants have opportunities to revisit favorite games and build their skills. Available in English.

Sesame Street in Communities

Younger. Parents/Caregivers. Crafts & Hobbies. Health & Medicine.

Seasme Street in Communities is a free website that provides activities, videos, and tips for parents in family interactions and conversations, from the everyday to the more difficult. Topics include grief, divorce, daily routine, eating well, family bonding, and more. Each video or activity is accompanied by a helpful list of opportunities and suggestions for conversation. Available in English and Spanish.

Future Chicken

Younger. Natural Sciences; Climate-Related Topics

Future Chicken is a ground-breaking, multi-platform digital universe designed to help children counter climate “doomism” through positivity, inspiration and empowerment for kids. Future Chicken is also a show that airs on Canadian television (but is easily accessible to stream on YouTube).

Ology: Science for Kids

Younger & Middle Grade. Natural History, Science

Ology was created by the educators at the American Museum of Natural History. The free Ology app allows school-aged children to play fun interactive games, watch videos, and read articles about all kinds of science. The interface is bright and eye-catching, and content areas are well organized while also creating plenty of opportunity for discovery. Available in English, with some videos also available in Spanish.

Swift Playgrounds

Middle Grade. Computer Science

Swift Playgrounds is a free app created specifically for iPad and Mac that teaches users how to use Swift, a programming language created by Apple. Fun activities and interactive walkthroughs show beginners where to start, while advanced users can learn to create their own, real-life apps. The interface is user-friendly and intuitive, creating a fun learning experience. Available in 14 different languages.


Middle Grade. Language

Spellie is a free website with a simple spelling guessing game for kids that has been compared to "Wordle." Spellie has three modes: easy (4-letters with one hint given), medium, and hard. You "unlock" an emoji for that word for your "collection" (in easy/medium), the website gives hints if needed, and there are some options in the settings (capitals vs. lower case, keyboard layout or alphabetical, high contrast). Available in English.