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The Williamsburg Library Catalog is an online resource that provides access to the holdings of the Williamsburg MA libraries, as well as the holdings of other libraries in the Central/Western Massachusetts Automated Resource Sharing (C/W MARS) network. Access to the catalog is available from any computer with a connection to the World Wide Web.

The PAC provides information about the Library’s

Table of Contents

If you need further help with the catalog, please see the Catalog Help Page.

Keyword Search

This search will look for your keyword(s) in the title, subject, organization and note fields. Type a word or phrase, or combine words with and, or, near, or and not, then click Search button.


Click Help for additional search tips.

Author Search

Type the name of an author, composer, or performer with the last name first, then click theSearch button.
Example: gates, bill

Type the name of a corporation, organization, or performing group in direct order.

Example: general electric

Title Search

Type as much as you know of the title of the book, video, audiocassette, etc. Begin with the first word. When finished, click Search

Example: the green mile

Example:for whom the bell tolls

If you don't know the first word of a title, use a KEYWORD search instead.

Author & Title Search

Type the author or artist's name (last name first) then enter words from the title, contents or summary notes. Finally, click Search

Library of Congress Subject Heading Search

(not recommended)

Type as much of the LC Subject Heading as you know, and click Search.

Journal Title Search

Use this search to see if the library subscribes to a particular journal or magazine. Type as much as you know of the title. Please note that a journal title search does not find individual articles. You would use one of the Library’s periodical databases to find articles.

Example: new england journal of medicine

To find full-text coverage of a specific journal in a database, use Infotrac, available in Online resources on the Library's webpage

Other Searches

Other searches available through this button include call number searching and ISBN searching.

Truncation ("Wild Cards")

When searching, in order to find all words with the same root, use double asterisks as a truncator (also known as a "wild card").

Example: school**
finds school, schools, schoolbook, etc.

Searching Other Libraries’ Catalogs

From the main menu

Click on the Other Libraries link at the bottom of the screen. At the next screen choose to either search the catalog for all libraries in Central Massachusetts, all libraries in Western Massachusetts or choose to search an individual library catalog in C/W MARS.

From a search results screen

At the top of the list of results, use the pull-down menu to the left of the Search button, to select another library catalog, and then click Search.


Search through all library catalogs in Central and Western Massachusetts by clicking on the C/W MARS UNION CATALOG

If you need assistance, please call us at:
(413) 268-7472 or, email us at:

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