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OneClickdigital brings exclusive Recorded Books eAudio (books you listen to), as well as content from all major publishers, together with an eBook (books you can read on a computer or other device) service. OneClickdigital is separate and in addition to the Overdrive books available through C/WMARS.

**The Meekins OneClickdigital collection is only available to patrons with Williamsburg library cards which begin with 27425000.  Cards issued by other C/WMARS Libraries will not work with our OneClickdigital link.** 

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Streaming eAudio (
click for detailed instructionsis the ideal alternative for patrons without a portable device or for those who would rather skip the extra steps of downloading. After checking out eAudio titles, patrons with an Internet connection and Web browser (PCs, Macs, tablets, and smartphones) can stream eAudio without having to download the titles.