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Local monographs

Credit: Copyright is held by the creator unless otherwise noted. Please use a full citation.

Historical Sketch of Haydenville and Williamsburg Established in Massachusetts Bay Colony in New England From the earliest times to 1861
 - Written by residents of the district, Prepared expressly for the Hampshire Gazette & Northampton Courier, Edited by Henry S. Gere

A History of Williamsburg in Massachusetts - compiled by Phyllis Baker Deming

2006 - Commeration of the Flood of 1874 (5/16/1874)
   Spring 2006 - Williamsburg Reads: In the Shadow of the Dam
by                  Elizabeth M Sharpe followed by multiple events.
   Events at the Haydenville Congregational Church
   Event at the Hilltown Cooperative Charter Public School, Haydenville, MA
  • The Mill River Flood - a play performed by HCCPS (Hilltown Cooperative Charter Public School) Greens (Spring, 2016)
2011 - ​Hurricane Irene (8/28/2011) Objects:
Weighed in a Just Balance: Weights and Measures at Meekins Library Williamsburg, Massachusetts - by George Fleck (As of 2017, Mr. Fleck does not plan to update this draft.)

Colonial Voices of Williamsburg, Mass. - Hilltown Charter School
Anne T. Dunphy - by Ralmon Jon Black
Helen E. James - by Ralmon Jon Black
Lives Lost in Military Service - by Dan Nye
Signers of the 1832 Temperance Pledge - by Eric W. Weber

16 Main Street Williamsburg Mass. - by Ralmon Jon Black

Anne T. Dunphy School
 Cemeteries of the Town of Williamsburg - by Eric W. Weber
A history of Williamsburg in Massachusetts, compiled by Phyllis Baker Deming


Town of Williamsburg Open Space and Recreation Plan - 2011