How to get a library card

Signing up for a library card is easy! If you have a card from another public library in Western Massachusetts that is a member of C/W MARS (Central Western Massachusetts Automated Resource Sharing, Inc.), you may use that card at the Meekins and Haydenville Libraries. Look for C/W MARS on the card. If you have a college C/W MARS card you will need a public library card as well.

You can apply for a card at the circulation desk. Adults must show an ID. Either a license with a current address or a piece of mail with your current address as well as a photo ID. Children will need a parent or guardian to co-sign their application.

Neat Things You Can Do with Your Library Card:

Use your card to check your record online:

  1. Go to the online catalog
  2. Click on the LOGIN button
  3. Type in your library barcode number (found on the back of your C/WMARS card)
  4. Type in your PIN (Personal Identification Number)

The first time you access your record online, you will be prompted to choose a PIN (Personal Identification Number). Your PIN can contain numbers, lowercase letters, or a combination of both, not to exceed 40 characters. If you forget your PIN, go to any circulation desk and give the staff your library card. Since the PIN in your record is encrypted, staff will not be able to tell you what it is, but they will delete it and you can go back to the Online Catalog and create another one.

Your record will display your name and address and all the materials you have checked out from any C/WMARS libraries, their due dates, and any outstanding fines.

Your record will display any holds or requests you have made and also allow you to renew materials you have checked out.

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Last updated: September 17, 2014